Consulting and Management Services

BBC is the one and only firm that consults the world’s business leaders in the cannabis industry. Having listed and sold more businesses than other brokers combined we can offer the expertise knowledge into this exploding industry. BBC expanded its business brokerage operations in 2009 with its very first listing in the cannabis business. Since then we have become the industry leader having developed solid relationships with investment groups, Hollywood Celebrities, Fortune 100 Business leaders, CEO’s, government officials and agencies, millionaires to billionaires and of course countless highly successful business entrepreneurs.

The BBC Team continues to align ourselves with the very finest and experienced legal teams in the world allowing our clients to have access to expert consultations in regards to regulations, applications and mountains of information needed to be successful. Of course having the best legal minds in the country is helpful assisting in the legalities of the industry to minimize any types of risk that may occur now or in the future. We are a trusted partner who can oversee the entire process with our clients from securing the operation through licensing to completing the transaction resulting in a closed deal to an operating licensed entity. BBC Services can be catered to the meet the very needs of our clients budget and or scope of work. BBC can also offer managing services and or board director positions to fully assist our clients of completing a general operation company. Nothing is unobtainable when you partner with the very best, BBC a consulting giant in the industry concentrating on excellence with results.