Software & Technology Company

Price : $2,750,000
Location : Colorado
Industry : Software
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Business Description

Software & Technology Company

Business Brokers of Colorado has been commissioned to represent the most incredible global mobile app ever developed for fundraising, couponing, franchising, and community! Ready to conquer a $500 billion dollar industry?

Imagine being able to eliminate the coupon world and able to fundraise safely and securely for any group, school, charters, districts, leagues, sports, corporate America, or merchants. The unique part is residual and renewal income. The next generation of today's business is here.

The technology has been developed, trademarked, and patented so you are acquiring the business along with it's franchise model. This business is forecasted to generate revenues over $7.5 Million Dollars. There are 10 franchise models that have already been sold!

This is not a's a reality as the business has already been rolled out and is a proven concept. Instant monitoring, tracking, accountability and of course the most important factor, distribution. We all fear knocking on those doors but that was the old way of raising funds for any great cause. Now the technology does it all while being at the forefront of monetization.

Unlike most businesses, you are lucky if you have a couple of revenue streams but now this powerful technology utilizes nearly 5 revenues streams making it the most rewarding and gratifying business tool on the planet. For the first time ever you will be able to meet your goals through this amazing application and being partnered with world-class name brands.

To learn more about this incredible business and bypass the Shark Tank, then make the call now to our firm.
Offered at $2,750,000.00
Seller financing up to $1,500,000.00