Boulder 5,000 Sq/ft Cultivation Opc ~ #03463

Price : $650,000
Location : Colorado
Industry : Cannabis Industry
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Boulder 5,000 Sq/Ft Cultivation OPC

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5,000 Square Feet
Comes with all plants

Room 1 has 15-1000w lights and flowers 90 plants,
Room 2 has 14 lights and flowers 84 plants,
Room 3 has 11-1000w lights and flowers 66 plants,
Room 4 has 10-1000w lights and flowers 60 plants,
Room 5 has 16-1000w lights and flowers 96 plants,
Room 6 also has 16-1000w lights and flowers 96 plants.
Room 7- 1000w veg lights on light movers that grows approximately 565 mature vegetation plants in pots.

12 shelving units with fluorescent lights. 8 clone boxes that can easily root approximately 36 clones in each for a total of 216.

All of the flowering rooms have Co2 systems installed which include flow gauges, light sensors, and ppm controllers. They also are all set up with automatic watering systems and reservoirs.
This is a medical OPC convertible to recreational.

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Listing #03463


Cannabis Facts- The legalization of medical cannabis is taking over the United States. Orgeon, Washington, and Colorado have seen massive tax gains from legalizing recreational use while California’s medical system continues to be a model for other states around the country. Soon more than half of the states in the US will have some medical marijuana legislation. 23 states have made it legal, and it is pending in 14 more. Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco), and has been used by nearly 100 million Americans.

The expected industry revenues are too large to ignore. Cannabis culture has evolved, and new businesses will emerge, and infrastructure is necessary. Legal cannabis industry is expected to out-earn the US film industry, the organic foods industry, and more than triple the revenues of the NFL COMBINED. As of 2015, the cannabis industry is valued at $3Billion, by 2020 it is expected to be $11Billion, and if the federal government were to legalize cannabis the projected value of retail sales is over $37Billion!