Heading Into The 4th Quarter 2016 Election Year.


Once again the year has been one for the record books as we head towards the finish line. Business Brokers of Colorado has seen the business community catch fire with the cannabis industry paving the way for all businesses. The industry itself has also been single handedly responsible for many ancillary companies being developed. We have seen the rise in revenues in many companies from automotive sales to manufacturing to landowners, warehousing, retail, you name it most businesses have seen their revenues climb. The industry itself has created more jobs than any others we can find. Does that mean this is all part and due to an election year? We don't think so. The business community has been very good for all buyers whether they are local or from out of state. The influx of buyers coming from other states has been outstanding. Why? Because the business climate in Colorado is friendly, it is a fun state to live in with many things to do from skiing to boating to hiking to dining. It's the most desirable place to live due to its geographic location. Let's not forget it's a mega sports town. Most of all, for business owners it is a profitable place to operate. We are always asked what is the best business to invest in? Well, the answer is quite simple, the one that is best for you and your skill set. Business Brokers of Colorado has sold all types of businesses. This year alone we have seen the sale of pizza stores, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream franchises, several bars and grilles, liquor stores, vending companies, cannabis dispensaries and cultivations, hair salons, auto body and collision stores, service industry businesses, several franchises and many others. It is also no secret we are advocates for the Colorado lifestyle and of course the business community. So what does this all mean for Colorado and Denver specifically as it pertains to buyers and sellers in the business world? Heading into the 4th quarter we are seeing many buyers making their moves now. Real estate is still very hot and inquires are up. Sellers recognize that the best time to sell is when the thought in their mind occurs. Sellers do know they want to sell although they need to be reassured about the market conditions, business valuations, and market activity. After they have assessed this information they usually make their decision very clearly. Then the interview process occurs. It all comes down to experience, professionalism, and aggressiveness to be able to market the business confidentially and effectively. Business Brokers of Colorado has established itself making its brand and reputation in the marketplace. Being a boutique company that believes in getting the results though effective marketing globally; not just locally, has been our forte. Being a boutique firm we are able to dedicate our resources, service, and marketing efforts to achieve the best possible results for our sellers. We constistently bring our professionalism and ethics ahead of our paychecks. Let's face it, there are all kinds of brokers and all kinds of people willing to do things for less. We strongly believe you get what you pay for. The value we continually place into our clients is unparalleled and we know that there are many to select from such as discount brokers to up front fee brokers; however Business Brokers of Colorado are results oriented meaning we are only compensated for our efforts at the end of the sale. So looking ahead, is the 4th quarter ripe for you? Is this your time? Can you make it? Feel confident you are in the best market in the country and with your sincere efforts you are on your way. If your endeavors are to create your own path and achieve financial security though the operations of your own creations then be fearless and full steam ahead.