Elections Have They Affected The Market


Now that our new President elect is steps away form the White House, the Denver market seems to already be experiencing a metal state of change. This mindset seems to be becoming even more evident with each days passing and more so than years past. Business buyers seem to be more optimistic with possible regulation changes in the United States on the horizon that will trickle down to main street business owners, the heart of our economy. This also seems to be having an effect on the stock market and a certain feel or buzz. Either way it all is good for the business owners, buyers and employees whereas current operators are expanding their holdings. Notable point, BBC averages about 25 to 30 listings in its portfolio. However, recently in the the last few months BBC has seen an evident spike of listings in its portfolio to near 40 business listings with more coming each day. The shift seems to be attributed to owners/sellers seeing opportunities to maximize their positions and realizing their need to get to market. Buyers on the other had are seeing ripe acquisitions become available however knowing they are being gobbled up quickly they are moving swiftly to get the best. What does this all mean? Well here’s a few thoughts to ponder. One; buyers are seeking good acquisitions since they have been holding cash for such a long period of time. Second; with cash comes expansion for multiple unit operators to leap out further into the market. And lastly, sellers are thinking its time for a changing of guards. Realizing their vision needing to be escalated to the next level. Lawrence LiCausi along with Tyler LiCausi and Robyn LiCausi , brokers at Business Brokers of Colorado all concur with this shift and see the windows of opportunities. Buyers are also seeing lenders offer better rates as it pertains to SBA loans and sellers too are offering better terms to sell their companies fast and enabling them to reinvest into other interests they may have had for some time. With the month of November just past its half way point and just days after the election BBC has broken all its past years’ records having placed 3 large cannabis transactions into escrow with close dates within the next couple of weeks. Furthermore, conventional business sales are keeping pace as well with two sales this month thus far. For some large firms this may seem small by comparison however BBC being a a boutique firm offering service over commission specializes in experience, professionalism and knowledge, the highest demanded by its clients.