Colorado, The Next Big Bailout For California?


While California continues to struggle with many facets of it's government and infrastructure, not to mention the cost of living, Colorado seems to be thriving. More and more people are bouncing out of the California rat race to live in a progressive business friendly environment without being taxed to death.

Over the last three years Business Brokers of Colorado has experienced a spike in relocations from California to Colorado. “More and more people have contacted our firm looking to get out of the business climate in California” says Lawrence D.J. LiCausi, the company’s President and Senior Broker. Although Colorado has seen it's own troubles with roadways and the parking lot called I-25; Colorado is still offering a way of life which is far better than California. No doubt the weather in California and the beaches are all the attraction for Californians, but the bigger picture is quality of life. Many people are not willing to make the 2-hour trip from home to work any longer. The comparative costs of owning a home, although still pricey in Colorado, it still does not compare to the postage size home and price you will find in Cali with its enormous price tags. LiCausi says that “2016 sales finished with a bang and already the first two quarters of 2017 have been blistering”.

Business Brokers of Colorado has sold more business in the first two quarters of this year than it had all year in 2016. LiCausi says, “cannabis is still the big driving factor to the double digit sales”. The company made the leap into the risky cannabis market for his firm in 2009 and although it was a tough road it has paid off. The company has sold businesses to every type of buyer in the industry from entertainer to celebrity to well know athletes and very well named billionaires. LiCausi has built his family business with his son, Tyler and wife, Robyn. Their montra in building their business, “be knowledgeable, ethical, work hard and be accessible anytime anywhere and do what you say, reputation is everything”. The referral base we have built has been paramount. We are constantly being referred due to our knowledge, our sales, and of course our experience. We are the referral broker for one of the top law firms in Colorado which has proven to be a great resource for our clients. The conventional businesses or better known to most as the “street businesses” are also selling well. The days of sellers fearing the market right now are gone. Buyers feel that Denver has such huge growth potential that if they just stay in the game long enough and treat the customer right then they will be more than the survivor but rather the profiting company. Sellers have been reaching better sale price points than ever before. So the end game is having good numbers, know your business, and get it listed today. LiCausi reminds us all, “never pay upfront fees and never pay marketing fees to a broker.” Remember, brokers who perform get paid at close and not before. If your company needs proper representation to sell your business then contact Business Brokers of Colorado.