Challenging Times Call For New Actions For Business Acquisitions.

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The year 2022 ended in a very tight spot for buyers and sellers of any type of business. Lending has been a challenge and money inflation has risen costs across the board. The good news is that Business Brokers of Colorado has been able to navigate and discovered new ways and marketing to be able to attract buyers to their site completing transactions for its clients. “The challenges we have faced have been no different from any other business operator, it’s just that we have had to adjust and find new ways of doing business outside the normal avenues”, Lawrence says. We have to work extra hard with buyers and lenders. More documentation from buyers along with higher down payments have gone side by side with SBA loan requirements. So to say that 2022 was a great year would be overly positive. That said, the hard work and the new ways of finding real buyers have begun to reveal very positive results. Business Brokers of Colorado have already closed several large transactions already this quarter. Not to mention that Business Brokers of Colorado has been successful in getting sold listings businesses whereas real estate was included in the transaction. The most recent franchise sales by Business Brokers of Colorado of Denver area multiple Nektar Juice Bar locations sold may be a key indicator for other franchise owners to test the climate in the franchise arena. As business begins to progress this year watch for exciting news coming from Business Brokers of Colorado as new plans will be announced soon.