Buyers Are Heating Up In Mips


The very rare opportunity to own and operate a MIPS (marijuana infused product) has been increasing heating up. Buyers are seeing huge margins in the MIPS business including extractions, oils, shatter and edibles however the entry has been long and tedious not to mention expensive. As we all know time is money. Just as an illustration, our client who has multiple facilities in the retail and wholesale business just completed their MIPS kitchen, hooray! Not so fast lets take a look and review the time table. Our client spent more than 18 months from engineering, development, planning, building department, construction, equipment purchasing and then that was just to get the permit. By the end of that procedure the grueling process lasted just over 15 months whereas the fire department of Denver finally signed off. This is an obvious huge challenge and consideration ahead for anyone to get into the MIPS business. Lets also one understand one other note, city agencies are reluctant and cautious in proceeding forward to allow every licensee holder of a MIPS license to operate a MIP business. Meaning that even though the process illustrated above could take you 15 to 24 months before you start the business it is the fact that they do not want every operator the access and ability to cause harm to their neighbors, hopefully you get this. So as operators begin to see the big picture, the new person entering the market need to recognized that time is money and it is better to purchase an existing operation and get busy earning revenues. The value of MIPS operations continue to rise yet there are several to be acquired by visiting www.Business web site. Current listings in this sector are starting at $500,000.00 for a facility and license. Others in operation start at a minimum of $1.2m in the Denver area. Isn't time to grow your business? Contact us today More Listings. More Sales. More Results.