Business Brokers Of Colorado Scores A Huge Year For 2015

Sales are Up

As the Colorado and Denver market came to a close for 2015 Business Brokers of Colorado continued to drive big sales for its clients. Although the privacy of the deals are kept confidential for the BBC clients it was another banner year. Service business sales lead the way followed by the Cannabis industry taking a close second. The inquires of buyers looking to enter into the service business and or convenience businesses took top billing ranging from retail to B2B companies. Prices paid by buyers where just shy of list price or at list price. Business Brokers of Colorado lead the way into the newest industry, Cannabis, where they have created a leadership brand of four strong years now. Sales where up in all areas such as the cultivation to the retail store fronts. Sales will continue to climb to the moratorium on the horizon again in 2016. The confidentiality and qualified buyers Business Brokers of Colorado works with allows the selling client to rest assure they are working with qualified buyers with qualified financials. The buying clients continues to choose BBC for its expertise and knowledge not to mention its over $20 Million in current listings in the industry.   Contact BBC and win today!