Bbc Sells Local Business On S. Broadway For Highest Psft

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BBC Sells local business on S. Broadway for Highest PSFT

It's no secret Denver's residential market has been hotter than ever. It's been a terrific time to live, work, play and do business in Colorado. Business Brokers of Colorado has recently sold the 25+ year established auto body and repair business on South Broadway for the second time! The business was sold with the land and building. The location has been a fixture in the neighborhood for many years. The new buyer intends to maintain the current business operations. BBC had listed and sold the business several years ago when the original owners wanted to retire. With Denver being such a hot market to invest, sales have been steadily increasing on both real estate and business combinations.

The TEAM of Lawrence D.J. LiCausi, Robyn K. LiCausi, and Tyler LiCausi were able to obtain the highest price for the area. LiCausi stated "many new clients are coming from all parts of the country, however we have seen an influx of local buyers ready to get out of their current line of corporate business." "Our business has been continually rewarding, we get to see both sides of the transaction whereas the sellers have achieved their goals in selling and the buyers are realizing their dream of owning their own companies."

BBC recently sold another iconic business in the bakery industry on S. Broadway. "Again, our firm continues to build it's business off of referrals," says LiCausi. Business Brokers of Colorado has made a significant impact to the Denver market excelling in client services, social media presence along with it's cutting edge technology and marketing plans. The one question we get everyday from sellers is, how long will it take to sell my business? A very tough question but the answer is different for each type of industry. We are seeing businesses realistically sell within 4 to 6 months, however some take a bit longer and some take a little less time. BBC recalls a business they sold in less than 16 hours. Those sales are unique and rare but with a database to date well over 30,000 qualified buyers, LiCausi said "this was a very cool deal as we already had the client and had listed the business earlier that day, so it was just a matter of touring the client through the business."