Bbc Lists More Than $40 Million. Receives City Award.

Business Brokers of Colorado is truly humbled and honor to say we have been the "Brokers of Choice" in Colorado. Whether its conventional businesses from salons to distribution companies or becoming the referred broker of choice for one of top law firms in Colorado or having sold more cannabis companies since 2009, we are truly humbled and honored. Our firm has legitimately transacted hundreds and hundreds of sales resulting in millions and millions of dollars for our clients. Our knowledge, experience and hard work have been recognized over and over again by our referral network with their choice of choosing our firm to represent them. The tenacity and determination of this group have driven them to the top of the leader board. Lawrence LiCausi the companies President and Senior Broker states "during the many years of selling businesses the key factor to our success is truly our hard work, our never give up attitude and our ability to reach the buyers with our cutting edge technology and marketing." Our service to our clients and commitment to assist them in the selling of their businesses have been paramount. Having owed a finance company for more than 16 years we have empathy for the business owners. "All businesses experience tough times and tough choices and those times can be very difficult whereas the business owners need to make tough choices. Many times business owners are forced to make tough decisions pertaining to payrolls, bills, supplies before thinking about paying themselves. These choices are difficult ones and at times can be very taxing on the owner as a person. Having been there in our lives and knowing what it takes, our admiration and respect are for the risk takers, the business person, the entrepreneur". Business owners understand commitment, disciple and sacrifice. They are extremely focused to make their dreams a reality work no matter what. So when it comes time to sell for a variety of reasons we take our job very very serious. We are committed, we are focused and we do everything in our powers to achieve the the top end results for our clients. So in a year like 2017 we find ourselves blessed to be able to list more than $40 Million Dollars of listings. We had a record year for 2016 and Business Brokers of Colorado is in pursuit of breaking that record for our clients this year. If we can assist you please contact us directly we look forward to helping you and your family.